Stridelinx Secure Industrial VPN Router : Cloud Notify Remote Alarms

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The StrideLinx VPN Router will be the standardfor safe Distant PLC Accessibility.

Having an quick three-stage router configuration, most effective industry pricing, the StrideLinx cloud will take your Efficiency to an entire new stage.

With incorporate-on attributes you are able to press that productivityeven even more.

The new cloud notify attribute, will Inform youof important occasions by means of electronic mail and drive messages, ahead of they lead to lack of manufacturing.

Permitting you to route vital messages andalarm gatherings, from distant places as well as ideal down the corridor.

And this attribute does this with no changesto your PLC code.

All managed with the Stridelinx cloud platform.

In this particular video clip We'll set up the no cost 30-daytrail, configure an alarm circumstances and critique a number of the solutions.

Go browsing in your Stridelinx account.

Decide on the router that you might want to apply thecloud notify aspect to.

Find the information tab and insure you haveat least Model three.

ten loaded.

In case you not find below and implement the latestfirmware.

Now select subscription and Click the link onactivate to start out the free demo.

Pick activate and accept the startof the demo.

Prior to we start out configuring the cloud notifyalarm functions, we will require to set up some tags to watch.

That is performed underneath the products and services tab.

Click the link so as to add a service, and since I havealready designed a services I will require to pick below being presented the Make new solution.

Give this services a reputation and after that providethe Ip deal with in the Unit I are going to be checking the tags of.

Seelect this as a Data supply.

Pick below to set the interaction protocoltype.

Given that the supply is added let�sadd some tags to that supply.

Find insert.

Provide the tag a reputation.

Outline the data sort.

Now This really is defining the tags as a holdingregister You merely need to have to supply the offset deal with here.

The aspect is really a multiplier that could be usedfor scaling.

Now I have already scaled this tag, in myPLC, so I will only have to multiply it by one.

Below it is possible to outline the unit of measurementof the tag.

Now I'll repeat this process for a temperaturetag.

Now select to sync this info to therouter.

Then decide on to test the communication to thosetags.

Anything assessments good so Allow�s continueon to set up the alarm event.

Return to the membership tab and selectto open up the Cloud notify.

Decide on the info resource you need to apply thealarm to.

Decide on listed here so as to add an alarm.

I am going to set up a substantial small-level alarmevent for the Drinking water tank level.

Pick out in this article to add alarm.

Select the tag.

Give the alarm a reputation.

For severity you have 3 choices Substantial, mediumand small.

This really is used to determine who receives thealarm.

This can grow to be more evident whenever we definethe alarm receivers.

With the cause, for just a float, you happen to be giventhe choices bigger than or Below.

Now, considering that That is our small-degree alarm selectless than.

Threshold is the value your tag is comparedto.

Now, I would like an alarm affliction when the tanklevel drops below fifteen inches.

For our interval this defines how long the tagdropping less than our threshold right before it triggers an alarm.

So, this alarm will trigger If your tanks leveldrops down below fifteen inches for a lot more than 200 milliseconds.

The Guidance will be the message you receivein the e-mail and push concept.

So, help it become something that can make senseto the person obtaining the information.

As soon as you are completed, pick insert.

Now Allow�s do exactly the same issue for your large-levelalarm.

I'll pick this to be a medium precedence.

Find larger than and I need this alarmwhen it goes higher than 220 inches for a lot more than 1 next.

Now, increase your information then choose incorporate.

Now Allow�s go and examine Alarm receivers.

These are definitely all of the end users that is definitely registeredto this router.

Now the severity makes more sense.

If all three bubbles are stuffed.

The receiver will get all alarms.

If these two are chosen, then they willget all significant and medium alarms.

And if this is selected they only superior-levelalarms.

Once you have this set up, select ensure.

Now hit sync to send out this to the router.

Now, near the cloud notify.

As you could see, we have already got a messageand that's the tank small-amount alarm.

Find here to see the full information.

It demonstrates the time the alarm transpired, therouter it came from and the value of your tag at enough time in the alarm.

These messages will probably be stored listed here from nowon.

This message was sent by electronic mail which ishow the formatting will glimpse.

Also, For those who have set up the StridelinxMobile app, for iPhone or Android, when There is certainly an alarm situation you will receive pushnotifications, and this tends to take you on to your messages.

So, with this Cloud Notify element you getunlimited alarms and countless choices.

When you have any query on this aspect, feel free to comment below or call into our Absolutely free tech assistance group.

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